Author: Dan Drury
Additional Notes:
Peter Elsner writes "C-Base 128 was written by a friend of Gunther's, Dan (I think it was Patterson but am not sure)."

"When Dan gave up the C-Base 128 version, a person in California (who I can only remember as Dark Overlord) and myself took over programming for the C-Base 128 program.'

"We created dozens of door games and made hundreds of modifications (not to sell but to give away to anyone who was running C-Base 128), and we fixed numerous bugs that we found at the same time. Dan gave me the source code and told me I could do with it whatever I wanted, but Gunther still owned the rights to the name "C-Base", and he ended up selling the code to the author of Color 64/128 BBS (also for the Commodore)." () Contains four D64 (1541) disk images.