Author: Nickolai Smith
Additional Notes:
Maximillion El Kem'St writes in "The Crypt in the 414 area code ran it along with several others. It was the *fastest* code out there which resulted in input buffer overflows when using CCGMS-5.5 as the client terminal. File transfer rates were unaffected when there was no on-screen display. One could easily see the difference between Color 64 at 2400 baud and AABBS at 2400 baud. I imagine AABBS might have run fine using a client terminal in black and white mode. Perhaps it was something to do with the C64 color and graphics set." () All American BBS v11.6 (1541 Disk Images)
aabbs67.txt () () All American BBS source code and compiler notes (1541 Disk Images) ()