Author: Gunther Birznieks
Author Contacted?: Gunther wrote in!
Additional Notes:
"CBase64 - commercial software, ran at up to 2400 Baud, full ANSI/ASCII capabilities. Ran it off a CMD 20 Meg external SCSI HD specially designed for Commodore 64/128 machines. Had door games, limited file transfer, chat, messages. Ran it for about a year in a city called Hamilton, one of the most popular BBS's at the time due to it's supposedly strange computer platform, and slow speed [a bit of a novelty when 14.4 modems were common!]." - Kane Archer

Gunther Birznieks writes "C-BASE 64 was born out of CMBBS influence and officially became a product about 4 years after CMBBS came out. CMBBS came out when I was 14. I released CBASE when I was 18. I kept it going til I was 23 and then gave the rights to someone else in Canada.

"C-BASE 128 was born out of C-BASE 64 influence and was written by Dan Drury when I was 20."

cbaseBBS_a.d64 () C*Base BBS v3.0 1/2 (1541 Disk Image) () C*Base 64 v3.0
cbaseBBS_b.d64 () C*Base BBS v3.0 2/2 (1541 Disk Image)