Author: Jay Winick
Additional Notes:
K. Chase writes "Written in Toronto, used by at least 50+ boards at one time. Was fairly popular at least in Toronto circles -- Punter had just come out with his netmail stuff, so we copied him :) Made our own protocol for message sharing, and even file sharing. (This was on top of Dircon itself, which was written by... god, I cannot remember now. I cant even what we called our mods group now! All I know is that Chris Lang, Wayne Ogaki and a few others of us were the authors of the mods...) Dircon must have appeared around 84 or so... and we wrote our mods in 86/87 I think... I was Punter by the end of it tho because there weren't enough Dircon nodes out there to keep it interesting and Punter and Fidonet were taking over..."

On his webpage (, Jeff Goebel mentioned his involvement with the software: "I bought the resale rights to the Toronto written DIRCON BBS software for the Commodore 64. It was an powerful BBS program which ran using a 1541 disk drive. At the time, the more famous BBS64 (Steve Punter's software) required costly IEEE disk drives. Sadly, we had some difficulties with the copy protection, and couldn't produce a stable enough version to sell."