Author: Lee Van Doren (ARTIsoft)
Author Contacted?: Lee Van Doren wrote in to submit further information about his software.
Additional Notes:
Gunther Birznieks says "The primary original author of DMBBS was Lee Van Doren who Christianed it that way because his alias was Depeche Mode (DM-BBS). But he sold it off to Chris Stevens 4 years later who renamed it to "Dynamically Modifiable" and erased the Depeche Mode signature from it."

Lee Van Doren writes: "DMBBS was officially launched on Sept. 1, 1987. It, along with other BBSs of its time had roots in CMBBS which opened up an amazing world of computer graphics for the time by taking advantage of CBM's unique character set. DMBBS introduced many innovations including:"

  • an 8K sequential text editor managed by machine language subroutines (hidden under the BASIC ROM)
  • a multi-message per file message system that significantly enhanced reading speed between messages
  • a module loading system allowing for the loading of external games and utilities, including an open source module construction kit
  • built in support for RAM disks, fast loading cartridges, SFD devices (parallel port drives), 1200/2400 baud
  • self-healing features that would correct message synchronization errors and trap disk drive lockups
  • a vast library of online games and other programs available to BBS operators

    "DMBBS was sold to another group in early 1989 sometime in the v5.x series. At its peak, DMBBS had over 200 registered owners in the US and Canada. The author (handle: Depeche Mode), is still in the area of DMBBS's birth (Maryland) and can be contacted at"

dmbbs48e.d64 (172K) DMBBS Version 4.8e by Artisoft (1989)