Author: Ken Spence and James MacFarlane (And Jason MacInnes)
Additional Notes:
"The Spence XP BBS was the first BBS program for the Commodore 64 that could operate using one 160K floppy drive. It was originally written in Basic but as the program code grew to occupy all of the 32K available RAM portions of it were written in 6502 assembler, with focus on the I/O allowing it to support the newly introduced speed of 1200 baud. The program supported ultiple message areas, downloads and a bulletin section and a full screen editor."

"The program was known to be crash-proof, and was very easy to be up and running within minutes. The program used some nifty tricks in order to get the whole thing to fit in limited memory like loading part of the 6502 code into the cassette buffer, screen ram and other locations. Hundreds of copies of the program around the globe whilethe authors were still in highschool." - Ken Spence and James MacFarlane

xpbbspage1.jpg () Front page of the Spence XP user manual. () Spence XP v6.8. Contains three D64 (1541) disk images. () Spence XP v6.4 - Contains four D64 (1541) disk images.
xpbbsarticle.jpg () Magazine article about Spence XP BBS.