Author: Darrell Spice, Jr.
Additional Notes:
Veeger writes "At the time he developed the software he was a 'computer science' student at the University of Texas in Houston I think. He used the 'Lads' assembler exclusively. I bought and ran Spicenet-128 for $50.00 for almost 4 years. It was the only BBS software I have any experience with but in my mind was very innovative in the sense that it had 're-defined/animated characters' (via mini-buffers), color of course, online games (I wrote a Blackjack game for it that was very popular in this area), online music (if caller was using his Musicterm software), a music editor for creating and uploading music to the 'music sub', unlimited subs, AND (after he came over to my apartment and I watched him re-code the M/L routine, leaving only about 300bytes free), it had 2400baud capability. I used a 512k REU for storing the core program and other parts as well, so that it was self-bootable in case of a power failure."