Author: Trans/Net
Additional Notes:
TTS was created in the 1980's by Charles Van Lingen - in the London Ontario area. It was a quite popular BBS software used by individuals, companies (even commercially), and by hackers. It was very customizable by editing the associated files. The original was "blitz" protected, and I've included the unblitzed code as well. Note: some versions had a bug where the code attempted to use load ,8,1 where it should just use ,8 - if you run into this issue, just hit run-stop and use load ,8 manually. Note: there MAY be a backdoor in this code that allows someone to bypass sysop password at login, but BBSes are all but dead now, so it's unlikely this is of any importance any more.
tts_bbs_64_4e_transnet.d64 ()