IBM and Compatibles: DOS: AA4RE
Author: Roy Engehausen (KL7GNG) Later Y2K Fixes by Mike Fahmie (WA6ZTY) and Bo Lindfors.
Versions: 1.4 (August 29th, 1988), 1.5 (September 5th, 1988), 2.0 (September 25th, 1988), 2.1 (September 25th, 1988), 2.2 (November 8th, 1988), 2.3 (February 1st, 1989) (2.3 was for test only), 2.4 (February 1st, 1989), 2.5 (May 1st, 1989), 2.6 (July 22nd, 1989), 2.7 (Novemeber 10th, 1989), 2.8 (Novemeber 16th, 1989), 2.9 (April 25th, 1990), 2.10 (May 15th, 1990), 2.11 (March 3rd, 1991), 2.12 (March 31st, 1992) (Converted to Turbo Pascal Version 6).
Additional Notes:
AA4RE is called the Packet Bulletin Board System. It is oriented towards Packet Radio and Amateur Radio.

"The AA4RE, PBBS software was written by Roy Engehausen. If you are an experienced user of the W0RLI or WA7MBL systems this one is compatable. The BBS provides the following resources and functions: Personal mail identified by callsign can be sent and received. Automatic Hierarchival addressing of mail traffic. Upload/Download of files, programs, documentation, maps, etc. Activity monitored (stations heard) on each port. Automatic forwarding of bulletins to other PBBS's. Automatic forwarding of mail via HF/VHF PBBS Gateway stations. Multitasking, multiport configuration. Phone modem access with automatic mail fowarding."

In the instructions: "During the American football season (September, October, and November), I usually not a home on Friday nights and all day Saturday." () AA4RE BBS Beta Test Version 2.1RP () AA4RE BBS Beta Test Version 2.1R1 () AA4RE BBS Beta Test Version 2.1RC () BB Satellite Tracking Utility by N4HY () AA4RE Packet Bulletin Board System v2.12 (March 31st, 1992) () BB Misc Utilities v1.2 () AA4RE mailbox V 2.13 Beta Test Package (Real Mode Version) (1989) () AA4RE BBS Y2K Revision 2.13TN (1999) () AA4RE mailbox V 2.13 Beta Test Package (1989) () MBBIOS v3.8 binaries () AA4RE BBS Y2K Revision 2.13TC (1999) () AA4RE BBS Beta Test Version 2.1RN () AA4RE Packet Bulletin Board System v2.12 Source Code (March 31st, 1992) () AA4RE BBS Y2K Revision 2.13T (1999) () MBBIOS v3.5 sources () AA4RE BBS Y2K Revision 2.13TP (1999)