IBM and Compatibles: DOS: ABBS
Author: Larry D. Loiselle (Kingdom Enterprises)
Versions: Version 2.5 (1988)
Additional Notes:
"The software was developed with simple operating requirements in mind. We wanted it to be easy to implement, easy to maintain, easy to make it what you want quickly, and most of all we wanted it to be bug free."

"We have accomplished all this, and more. ABBS has grown to be a huge program of thousands of lines, and continues to grow. Tightly written routines are continually being modified to enhance the speed and efficiency of the program. We sincerely I hope that you enjoy this sophisticated communications program and find many ways to use this versatile software. We also appreciate any suggestions or comments regarding this program and ways to improve performance."

"We are also considering writing a Christian BBS system and a BBS system (Omegacomm) which will link with a Local Area Network and have encryption and heavy security. If you are interested in these products please write and explain your projected plans and needs. Custom work can be done, but is expensive." () ABBS Version 4.2
abbs.txt () ABBS Version 2.5 Documentation () ABBS Version 2.5 by Larry D. Loiselle (1988)