Author: Robert Bequette
Additional Notes:
"It started out last September as a question to me from another man (Will Bennett) on one of the local DYM's asking if I knew of any BBS for gays in Sacramento. I replied that there were none and then the conversation evolved into a discussion of the need for one and the general shortcomings of DYM. It started out with Will supplying the hardware and me writing a custom BBS for it.

Since I have been a fan of Citadel since first running into them about two years ago, it was natural for me to select it as the format of choice. And on November 1, 1986 Acropolis, Sacramento's first and only BBS dedicated to the interests of gay and bisexual men, was up and running. As for one supplying the hardware and the other software, it no longer matters since on Acropolis's first month anniversary Will and I moved in together. For those of you wondering where the name Acropolis comes from it means "A Greek Citadel" (there is a joke in there somewhere)." - Robert Bequette

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