IBM and Compatibles: DOS: AUTOBBS
Author: Ray Yeargin
Additional Notes:
From the Documentation:

AutoBBS is an Electronic Bulletin Board System (BBS) written for people who don't want to dedicate their lives to the many mundane chores surrounding the administration of a BBS. AutoBBS can automatically validate users, purge inactive accounts, manage the message bases, optimize the use of the upload/ download space, and back itself up at 4:00 am every night. Practically all system maintenance is performed from within AutoBBS. From the remote Sysop menu it is possible to edit user records, change time limits, move files between conferences, and many others. From the local Sysop menu it is also possible to add or delete conferences, change the modem strings, modify the call-back validation parameters, and generally reconfigure the BBS. About the only thing you'll need to do in DOS is build batch files (for your doors) and make bulletins. In addition, AutoBBS takes up very little disk space and is surprisingly configurable for a BBS of its small size and simplicity. () AutoBBS 2.41
autobbs.txt () AutoBBS Version 2.4.1 Sysop Documentation (1992)