IBM and Compatibles: DOS: BBASM
Author: Patrick Ellison
Additional Notes:
From the documentation:

"BBaSm+ is a BBS, not a your normal bbs. There was a lot time spent on the research to do functions the way that the users seen fit, but in a way to 2keep the Sysops' maintenance simple and quick. BBaSm+ was started as a mere "can I do it" project but turned out to be a popular and very quick and easy to use bbs. BBaSm+ is not my first Assembly project but it is my best so far. Because BBaSm+ is written in 100% Assembly, It should be the fastest bbs on the market! A system that will not bore, or waste characters informing users about things that only a sysop needs to worry about. It is easy to prove that most users don't even read the menus let alone information that is unique to your particular operation or setup. BBaSm+ is for the sysop that does not want to waste time with the tasks of managing uploads and messages." () BBaSm+ v5.00