IBM and Compatibles: DOS: DBBS
Author: Dan Domin
Additional Notes:
Paul Begley writes "dBBS was Dan Doman's (NYC) package. It was one of the first multi-user BBS packages that was database driven. I was a member of PACS (Philadelphia Area Computer Society) and the IBM SIG (special interest group) used dBBS as our BBS software for several years."

The MAS Computer User's group of NY credits DBBS this way:

"dBBS (Daniel Doman). Dan wrote the dBBS software that MAS has used since 1984 to support the direct-dial BBS. Dan provided outstanding support, and he added various features to dBBS to meet MAS' specific needs. Dan stopped developing dBBS in 1986 and we have lost touch with him since then, but the quality of his work has permitted his software to continue in service for all these years. Wherever you are, Dan, thank you."

Louis Kairys says "I was a member of PCLI which was a BBS run under dBBD, a package written by Danny Domin. Danny sold his package to a number of BBS and later started out on his own with Danny's Domain BBS (when he left PCLI, a PC repair company that is still around), BTW this all happened in the 1981-1985 timeframe. I was beta testing for TELIX (a communications package) written by Collin Samepleau (spelling) which he later sold. I Also was a beta tester for Spark (Sparkware still has a I-net site, but he is long out of the business). Sparky devised the QWK packet which was the basis for all of the mail in those days, as well as two mail programs, first Deluxe Reader then 1st Reader. I have met all of the above people as well as the late Phil Katz. Also I was a "Roady" (Thunder Road BBS, one of the first very large BBSs) as well as the NYRunning Board (the first and the last one on each of the above systems). As a consequence of the latter I was also the first user of RIME. Howard Belasco (who passed away last year and my best friend) and his sister Bonny Anthony founded RIME (Or Relay international as it was originally known) in order to be better able to talk to each other."