IBM and Compatibles: DOS: DLX
Author: Richard Gillmann
Additional Notes:
From the Author's Webpage: "In Los Angeles in 1983, I founded a software company that I called "Inner Loop Software." For most of its existence, the company was located on McConnell street near Marina Del Rey in Los Angeles county. At its peak, I had two employees (Andy Witkowski and Kathleen Sullivan) working with me. We closed the doors in 1987. I sold a few DLXes as late as 1994.....In 1986 I wrote a BBS (bulletin board system) called DLX, for MS-DOS computers. DLX is a multi-line BBS that features extensive chat features, both one-on-one and group chat. After Inner Loop Software closed in 1987, I kept tinkering with it. In 1994 I stopped work on DLX (at version 7), gave up my copyright on the program, and placed it in the public domain. In other words, it's FREE and, in the spirit of public domain freeware, I have included the Microsoft Pascal 4.0 source code, too. Note that it's written in Microsoft Pascal, not Turbo Pascal, as some think. I sometimes get queries about where to find a copy of MS Pascal 4.0. I have sold my last copy. You might try used book / software stores."
release.txt () Official announcement of DLX BBS's Public Domain Release by Richard Gillmann (April 19, 1994) () DLX Multi-Line Bulletin Board Demo v.5.51
lascene.txt () Some Memories of the DLX BBSes in Los Angeles, by Stormbringer () DLX BBS Version 7.0 by Richard Gillmann of Inner Loop Software (March, 1994) Includes source code archive.