IBM and Compatibles: DOS: DMG
Author: Marcos Della, Shad Muegge, and Richard Gross
Additional Notes:
The Della, Muegge, and Gross Bulletin Board System ------------------------------------------------------ DMG BBS This BBS software was written by: Marcos Della, Shad Muegge, and Richard Gross The system was written in Borland's Turbo Pascal and consists of 17,000 plus lines of code. Some of the features which it offers: 1. Message conferencing, multible bases with mutible subjects. 2. An online Forum or Magazine section. 3. A file transfer section with multible sections and multible bases. 4. An electronic mail system. 5. Softmail: software mailing system. (Send software to another user). 6. A gaming section. Many more features are persent making this one the most complete BBS's currently available in the country. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- [29Jul21] I discovered that I had a copy of the DMG BBS source code in my personal collection and wasn't even aware of it. contains the source code to version 2.2ß of DMG, dated January 28th, 1989. -gb [12Nov19] The "dmg-stuff" zip files included here were the result of pulling the only existing archive of DMGBBS from 30+ year old Usenet posts. The original author posted multi-part uuencoded files for the system. Unfortunately, there was something wrong with each posting - the resulting ARC files are corrupted, but in mildly different ways. He attempted reposting, but it also failed and due to the pushback received over the size of the files, no third attempt was made. The DMGSETUP.ARC file in "" was not corrupted and includes the source code for the setup program that DMG uses. -gb () () Source code for DMG BBS v2.2ß, January 28th 1989. ()