IBM and Compatibles: DOS: EBBS+ (EBBS Plus)
Author: Bruce A. Murphy
Additional Notes:
Tim Nobody writes "I was actually surprized to see that you have EBBS on your list, as that was the software running on a majority of BBS's that I used to call out in the S. California area back in my day. But there is a small upgrade to EBBS that you missed. But then again, I can understand, as it wasn't written by the author of EBBS. It's called EBBS Plus (or was it EBBS +)." "I don't recall much about this software, but remember that I planned on using it for my own BBS, but was never able to get my copy to function correctly. But, basically someone managed to modify the original EBBS and made it modular, where it would load and unload various portions of itself. Once you were done in the doors section, it would unload the doors portion, and load lets say the files section." () EBBS Plus v1.97 1/3 () EBBS Plus v1.97 3/3 () EBBS Plus v3.98c () EBBS Plus v1.97 2/3