IBM and Compatibles: DOS: EDI-BBS
Author: André Laurendeau
First Created: 1987
Additional Notes:
André Laurendeau writes:

"In 1987, I started to write a BBS software called EDI-BBS. At first, it was a just proof of concept for full-screen communication over modem. Then, over the next three years, new features were constantly added until the source files reached more than 18,000 lines of Turbo Pascal (Version 3 to 5) and assembly.  The software was maintained until 1993, and one of the BBS running it stayed online until 2000. It was run on three (or four - I can't remember) BBS, all in the Montreal (514) area code (Mini-Bank, Infolie and PolyFolie). 

EDI-BBS had a lot of features then never found in other software:

1. It was the first full screen BBS software to run on IBM and to be accessible with full keyboard (functions keys, arrows, Wordstar-like commands etc) on IBM, APPLE II and Macintosh computers, as well as any computer running a VT-100 or VT-52 emulator.

2. It was totally bilingual (French and English) and converted automatically between characters set depending on the client platform;

3. It ran it's own network of BBS, the messages being automatically shared at night between the BBS; later, it was made compatible with FidoNet.

4. It had a plugin interface, enabling other software to be run online without having to worry about using the modem.

5. For users that wanted a faster access, it had its own client software for IBM platform, with specialized code and compression.

6. It had a Database-like feature (Rolodex), with Sysop defined fields, and a "Grafiti wall" board where user were able to draw anonymous messages.