IBM and Compatibles: DOS: ENHANCED DLX (EDLX)
Author: Jim Bakman (Based on Work by Richard Gillmann)
Additional Notes:
The Author describes the program like this: "DLX was a program written over a span of about a decade by a man named Richard Gillmann. It was designed to permit one computer to run a bulletin board system (BBS) that could accept up to thirty-two incoming modem connections and allow the users to interact with each other. "Interact" could mean anything from reading and writing messages to be read by the general public of the population, sending private messages to other users, conversing with other users both one-on-one and in groups (popularly known as "chatting"), and sending and receiving texts and programs in the file libraries.... Eventually, Mr. Gillmann decided to move on to other goals in his life, and released the inner workings of the DLX program into the public domain, with the thought of allowing others to pick up his work and do with it as they will. Thus was born the EDLX program - a "second generation" DLX program with certain enhancements and features in mind."
webpage.txt () Description of the Enhanced DLX (EDLX) BBS Program, by Jim Bakman (May 17, 1999)