IBM and Compatibles: DOS: ELEBBS
Author: Maarten Bekers
Additional Notes:
Source code for EleBBS is available on github. () EleBBS v0.09.g1 for Linux () EleBBS v0.10.rc1 - for DOS (32 bit) () EleBBS v0.05.g1 for DOS () EleBBS v0.10.rc1 for OS/2 () EleBBS v0.08.g1 for DOS - public gamma release of EleBBS. A RA v2.5x compatible BBS. Features lightbarred menus, built-in TELNET server, newsgroups client and server support. Longfilename support! Available for DOS, Win95/NT and OS/2. DOS (16-bit)
notes.ele.txt () () EleBBS v0.10.rc1 - for DOS () EleBBS v0.05.g1 for OS/2 () EleBBS v0.10.rc1 - For Win32