IBM and Compatibles: DOS: EMULEX
Additional Notes:
Scott Kassos writes "Emulex & Emulex/2 - Turbo Pascal 3.0, 4.0 - Distributed primarily as binary but source was eventually distributed. Started out as a "hacked copy of Forum" that a few friends ran. The original authors were Sam Brown, Rigor Mortis and Shadow Lord. Several other BBS were later based off Emulex's heavily modifed Forum code. Emulex was named as such because at one time it emulated other BBS types, such as PC Board and Forum. This concept was later removed but the name stuck."

Ken Sallot writes "Emulex & Emulex/2, probably the most influential "forum hacks". Most of the other direct descendants of Forum (TCS, USSR, LSD) took ideas from Emulex. The last binary version of Emulex/2 ever released incorporated a set of high speed modem and ANSI routines which made it much faster than any of the other forum hacks (LSD eventually incorporated the same code somewhere around version 1.50). The biggest problem with Emulex was Sam Brown; he was an incredible coder, but he'd disappear for a year or two at a time and then come back and start working on it again." (284K) (232K)