IBM and Compatibles: DOS: FIDO
Author: Tom Jennings
First Created: June, 1984 (Fidonet Network)
Additional Notes:
The source code included here was retrieved from Tom Jennings' website some time around 2009. The site indicated that the data was from a failed backup and that some of it was corrupted and unrecoverable. I can't verify the completeness or buildabilty of the source archives. The full trove of FidoNet "artifacts" can be found on the Internet Archive here: () Fido BBS v10g. () Fido BBS v10j. Contains EXE files, nodelist, and documentation. () FidoNet v9 - some files corrupted.
fidov4.arc () FidoNet v4. Archive is damaged. ()
v11r.doc () Fido/FidoNet Version 11r Errata Sheet T. Jennings 5 Feb 86
fidov4_manual.txt ()
fido-v10.prn ()
v10k.doc () Fido/FidoNet version 10K errata sheet T. Jennings 9 July 85
doc10.bug.txt () Documentation bugs in the Fido v10 docs. () Fido v13a. Includes source code (may or may not be complete) () Fido BBS v10 - Support Files, no EXE files. () Fido BBS v11w. (EXE only)