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Frontier BBS Source Code :

After more than two years of work on its own BBS system, AEGiS has decided to stop its development and to release the FULL sources of their project known as Frontier.  

The answer is simple : most, if not all, members of AEGiS have dropped interrest in the BBS scene, turning their development to other directions such as Windows programming, MP3 Sound engines, etc.  

Just because we know that, beside the fact that the French BBSes are to die soon, that a lot of other countries don't have the same problem. Local telephone is cheap or even free, and BBSes still live in spite of Internet.

That's why we think our work can still help. And it would be simply stupid to let down so much work and consider it as dead.  

Just because its a very good way to be sure that our work will be free to be distributed and used in other products. If your needs to use those sources are not covered by the GNU GPL, just contact us.  

For information related to the Frontier sources package, please contact Francis Gastellu (aka Lone Runner/AEGiS).

If you want to download the sources, click here.