IBM and Compatibles: DOS: GBBS (GRAPHICS BBS)
Author: Eric Anderson
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Additional Notes:
Eric Anderson wrote in this description of the GBBS software (developed from 1989-1992 in Australia): "GBBS (Graphics BBS) was developed in Melbourne Australia in the late 80's and early 90's. The development was done as part of a student thesis at Chisholm Institute of Technology. GBBS was in direct competition to RIP graphics base systems. RIP graphics was easier to integrate into existing BBS software and thus became the standard. GBBS had better graphics capabilities because it could issue commands similar to BASIC's graphics commands to the remote system. It could send GIF files for logos etc. It even cached the BBS menus and graphics between sessions on the User's local machine. It checked file dates in the cache to determine if the menus had been updated which meant it ran as fast as a text based BBS! The whole Package ran from the DOS prompt and was mouse driven. The Package was used by a number of people in Melbourne Australia before the internet killed off most of our local Bulletin Boards."