IBM and Compatibles: DOS: INFUSION
Additional Notes:
Infusion board software is the most advanced and configurable software to date. Fully configurable local interfaces (ie, waiting for caller screens, init screens, etc) and of course EVERYTHING the user sees is configurable. Never before has a sysop been able to give their system its own look on their side, as well as the users. Fastest communications rotuines to ever be released, ports 0-127 supported (most support 0-4 or 0-8), multinode (up to 255 nodes), full online AND offline configuration, extended door system (fully automated door creation), internal irc mode (infuIRC), full lightbar script support (create a lightbar selection WITHOUT a seperate fully pulldown flagged menu), and much, much more. Basically, if you are a sysop who cares about speed, power, configurability, support, and having a great looking and operating system, infusion is for you. Support a TRUE scene bbsware, and download infusion today! - (704K) (544K)