IBM and Compatibles: DOS: INIQUITY [Telegard]
Derived From: Telegard
Author: Michael Friker (Original Author), Michael Pike (Purchased Rights), dedchylde/Nathan Hyatt (Version from leaked Source Code)
Additional Notes:
From the readme version of Iniquity 1.00 Alpha 26r4:

"For those that do not know iniquity was first started by Michael Friker, it was then sold to Michael Pike after Friker no longer had the time and energy that was needed to continue the project. With the comming of Pike we all hoped that iniquity would once again develop into the software it was in the past.

"Things did not go as planned and as we had hoped, Pike was lacking one key that he would need to develop iniquity, he could not code pascal. After we releazed this things turned ugly after our devotion and commitment had been played apon my Pike, and eventually the source code itself was leaked to the public. Comatose suggested too iniquity's die hard supporters that the development should now be run by the iniquity sysops themselves and form a type of group or team of system operators that wish too continue the development and yet respect its original founders work and credits where they are due." () Iniquity BBS v1.00a26r5 12/01/97 () Iniquity BBS v2.0 Final () Iniquity bbs v2.11 () Iniquity *FULL* a26 source () Iniquity BBS Software V1.0 a26 r4 (October, 1997) () Iniquity Version 1.00 Alpha 25 Release 2 (November, 1995) () Iniquity Telnet Server Version 1.01 by Michael Pike (1997) () Fix of Iniquity 2.0