IBM and Compatibles: DOS: JBBS
Author: Jay Kenney and Will Greenway
Additional Notes:
BBS program written in dBase language for Clipper. From the documentation for this software: "jBBS is a dBASE compatible BBS that can read and write Fidonet type messages. It has been in serious development since June '88 and has gone through many changes in the process. jBBS is compiled with Clipper (tm). jBBS requires BinkleyTerm as a front-end to answer the phone and check for mail. It is very sysop-configurable to any XT/AT/386 system. All output is routed through a "fossil". GETIO.C and GETIO.OBJ are included in the Jbbs.Lib source. GETIO is how Jbbs talks to the modem. jBBS does not require dBase III Plus (tm), or Clipper (tm) to operate."

"In San Francisco in the 1980's there was a BBS program called JBBS which was run by about 100 people. It ended up in Europe. It was based on DBASE, and was pretty nice. I ran it for a couple of years. It got modified so it could run on USENET at the time and not look like a PC System." - Mark B. Reinhold

loader.arj () Loads all File Areas for JBBS (1992) () JBBS 2.02i compiled with Clipper 5.01 (1992)
killrjay.arj () Auto-Kills Offensive Messages in JBBS (1992)
jbbsutil.arj ()
jmail253.arj () JBBS Jmail: Sysop Off-line Reader (1992) () JBBS Utilities (1990)
jfile.arj () Load files into JBBS one at a time (1992) () JBBS Documentation by Jay Kenney (Compressed version of jbbs.doc) (1990)
jbbsutl.arj ()
jbbs.doc () JBBS Documentation written by Jay Kenney (1990)
jbbsmsg.arj () Imports and Renumbers JBBS Messages (1992)
jbbs2_02.arj () JBBS Source for JBBS v2.02f (1992)
jbbskit.arj () JBBS Start-Up Kit (1992)