IBM and Compatibles: DOS: JETBBS
Additional Notes:
"Hello! I am the current owner of and am attempting to obtain the source code but have been attempting for a very long time. Anyway, I have some information on it and I can provide a more indepth write up tomorrow, after I get some sleep. It was written by Troy L. Beckstrom and Jason Haskins. Dan Sanderson (or Anderson, I will check tomorrow) was a kid at the time but helped type up the manual for it. I have the freeware fully registered version available for download at my domain and I will keep the domain for life. I've attempted to write an open source version but I can't write the interpreter. It's very hard to write. I'm looking for anything jetbbs related (older version, the message database, etc.) It was an extremely powerful BBS program. The people who wrote it lived in Washington State. It supported a fairly large message base with networking (it'd call a master server and your BBS would upload the user messages and download the new ones. It had built in games, and supported add on protocols, like z modem, y modem, etc. Some where built in. It supported doors and there was never a door I couldn't get to work with it. I do have some older versions of it, the shareware ones. I'm looking also for the older registered ones, source code, an original manual in good shape, etc. Any info i can provide, let me know." - Spork Schivago () JetBBS v5.0 () JetBBS v1.0