IBM and Compatibles: DOS: LSDBBS [Forum-PC]
Derived From: Forum-PC
Author: Ken Sallot
Additional Notes:
Ken Sallot writes "LSDBBS - "Lush Software Designs" based on forum 2.50 source but by 1992 the only remaining original code was for the IO redirection. The code was stolen and released when an account was compromised on the slaves den. The released code was used as the basis for many of the other forum hacks (Vision, Oblivion, etc). I believe it was the first forum hack to support fidonet echomail and multi-lines. My main goal was speed and features, so I often would re-write sections of code to try and optimize them. I eventually started a complete re-write which was 100% configurable and supported the JAM message format until I lost interest in 1994 (first exposure to the web)."

The source code for version 1.23Z is more explicit: "L.S.D. BBS Ver. 1.06 designed and hacked away at by The Slavelord and alot of help and ideas from other people.. Thanks go to The Oxidizer for being one hell of a good beta site.. Everyone else fuck off.. The L.S.D. BBS System.. This was a sick concept of mine that I did because I wanted an original BBS program. This is the work of TL, LR, Lord Zombie and Paradox. We are your gods. You MUST and SHALL obey us. THG Rules! Do not give this source out or you shall meet your death. Thank you." () LSD BBS Pascal Source Code Version 1.23 Z () LSD BBS Pascal Source Code Version 1.23 S () LSD BBS Source Code (Pascal), by The SlaveLord () LSD BBS v1.35 Released (August 2, 1991) () LSD BBS version 4.3 Release. (April 13, 1992)