IBM and Compatibles: DOS: MAJORBBS () Major BBS Version 6.12 (Part 1) (August, 1993) () The Major BBS v5.11 Source Kit () Galacticomm ICO (Internet Connectivity Option) v2 for MBBS/WG DOS () Major BBS v6.25 Source Kit
richardson.txt () An excellent meditation on the experience of MajorBBS, by Steve Richardson (2002)
majornewssupplement-fall1994.pdf () The Major News Supplement for Consumer Systems (Fall, 1994) ()
majornewsv5i2.pdf () The Major News Volume V, Issue 2 (Fall, 1994) () Phar-Lap 3.04 (includes RTK dir) () The Major BBS v6.25 () Galacticomm ICO - first version for MBBS 6.x () Phar-Lap 3.12 (includes RTK dir)
visions.pdf () Visions: News and Information for Bringing Your Vision Online (Summer, 1995) () The MajorBBS v5.11 source code.
majornewsv4i2.pdf () The Major News Volume IV, Issue 2 (Fall, 1993)
majornewsv3i1.pdf () The Major News Volume III, Issue 1 (Summer, 1992) () The Major BBS by Tim Stryker, GALACTICOMM, Inc. Release 2.2, 24 Jun 86. A multi-user BBS intended for use with the GALACTICOMM BREAKTHROUGH, a 16 channel modem card. Requires the presence of a GALACTICOMM BREAKTHROUGH card in order to operate fully. This program is supplied so you can see how the system looks from the System Operator's point of view. Lattice 'C' v2.14 source code is in this file MINUS SOME HEADER FILES AND OBJECT LIBRARIES.
majornewsv4i1.pdf () The Major News Volume IV, Issue 1 (Summer, 1993)
majornewsv3i2.pdf () The Major News Volume III, Issue 2 (Winter 1992/1993) () Turbo C 2.01 (for MBBS v5) () Major BBS Dev Setup - Phar Lap patches, Turbo C configs, etc
majornewsv5i1.pdf () The Major News Volume V, Issue (Spring, 1994)
gcommdoc001.pdf () Sales flyer for Galacticomm Software (12 Pages) () The Major BBS Test Drive 6.2 Demo (1993) () Major BBS Version 6.12 (Part 2) (August, 1993)
hadsall.txt () () A stable MajorBBS v6.25-256 system running in dosbox with MajorTCP. 64 telnet nodes, 4 virtual modems, 63 modules and 8 flash c/s games. Easy to use Win 7/XP/2K installer. ()