IBM and Compatibles: DOS: MUBBS (Multi-User Bulletin Board System)
Author: Allen Howell (Software Construction Co.)
Additional Notes:
"The MUBBS is a multi-user bulletin board system designed for IBM PC/AT and compatible computers. The system supports up to 5 users at a time (including the local SYSOP). The system uses standard type menu screens that are totally configurable by the SYSOP. Up to 32767 menus may exist in the system, with up to 9 options per menu, for a total of almost 300,000 user options. Major functions include message bases (including private mail), Co-SYSOP's, ASCII and XMODEM checksum uploads and downloads, and a conference mode."

Sold for $79. () MUBBS (Multi-User BBS) Version 1.0 by Allen Howell (1988)
mubbs.txt () Manual for the MUBBS Software v1.0 (1988) () Multi-User Bulletin Boards System (MUBBS)