IBM and Compatibles: DOS: NANOBBS
Author: Gerald Albion (of Whirlwind Software)
Author Contacted?: Yes, Gerald mailed me.
Software Website:
Additional Notes:
"Features: Internal Multi-User Chat! Internal Full Screen Editor! Language Files and the UFO custom script language let you totally redefine your BBS! INSTANT FILE TAGGING! High speed file searching! Squish, Fido and JAM message bases! Usenet and internet hooks! Many security features! No-nodelist netmail! Why go mainstream and bore your callers? Try NanoBBS and build a unique BBS experience! Requires DOS, 640k RAM." - v1.16 promotion
nano116.txt () NanoBBS Version 1.16 Documentation (1996) () NanoBBS Version 1.16 (1996) () NanoBBS Version 1.01a (1995) () NanoBBS 1.10
nanobbs.txt () NanoBBS 1.01a Documentation from the Archive
nano112r.txt () Press Release: Release of NanoBBS 1.12 from Whirlwind Software (August 9, 1995)
nano116r.txt () Press Release: Release NanoBBS v1.16 (February 4, 1996)