IBM and Compatibles: DOS: NEXUS
Author: George A. Roberts IV
First Created: Mr. Roberts says development began in 1993, with a release in 1997.
Software Website:
Additional Notes:
George A. Roberts IV says "Nexus Bulletin Board System is now being developed as an open source project managed by myself. The DOS version is still available, however, we are in the process of porting it to 32-bit operating systems such as Windows and *nix. The website is located at I've been developing Nexus since 1993, the first version was released in 1997. The files that you have listed on your site are from that 1997 release. However, there have been serveral releases since then, the latest being June 2001, I believe." () NexusBBS Developers Kit v7.02 (BETA)
nexus_03Sept02.tgz () Nexus BBS source code snapshot from September 3rd, 2002. () NexusBBS v0.99.36-beta UPDATE ONLY (March 26, 2001) () NexusBBS v0.99.41-beta FULL INSTALL (June 10, 2001) () NexusBBS v0.99.40-beta UPDATE ONLY (May 30, 2001) () () NexusBBS Gamma Release Documentation (1997) () NexusBBS v0.99.41-beta UPDATE ONLY (June 10, 2001)