IBM and Compatibles: DOS: NOCHANGE
Author: Jim Kloss
Additional Notes:
Tim Farley has written in with the following helpful information about NOCHANGE:

"Nochange was written by Jim Kloss, a quite brilliant programmer here in Atlanta, Georgia. There used to be several boards in Atlanta which ran it, including Jim's own and the official board of the Organization of Atlanta Sysops (OAS).

"Nochange had some really unique features for its time. I think it was one of the earliest BBS'es to have exchangeable language files so you could have the prompts appear in different languages. It also had some features I never saw in other boards like the ability to pop up random "banner ads" (just bits of text) at the user when he arrived back at the prompt.

"Jim later went on to do an automated file transfer program called XChange that had some commercial success for a while.

"He also wrote the automated program that we used to verify the Atlanta BBS List (ABBL) for a couple of years. This was a custom comm program that would automatically figure out how to log into new BBSes, log the results, and go on, so we could keep track of which BBSes were up or down for each months list. It was a very entertaining program to watch, as it would issue humorous error messages to the screen and even "chat" with the sysop if he put the session into chat mode while it was online. (Mostly it would just say "Hey I'm an automated program, not a person, please let me out of chat...")"

Jim Kloss wrote in as well! He says "I developed a BBS in the mid-late 80's called "Nochange BBS". I was living in Atlanta, Georgia (Roswell to be precise) at the time. Nochange wasn't particularly well-known, but I'm guessing there were 30-50 Nochange sysops at the peak. Nochange had many qualities that made it 'different' ... including 'points' (users played games trying to get on the point scoreboard), calling new users back at their phone number and beeping a special code to verify them, and a modular design (in Quickbasic) that allowed Sysops to drop in modules they'd written themselves. A Google search on Nochange will show a few hits showing old systems and a few comments here and there..." (200K) (224K)