IBM and Compatibles: DOS: OBLIVION/2
Author: Darkened Emnity, HEX, Shivan Bastard, Sir Roadkill
First Created: 1992
Additional Notes:
The OBV2-240.ZIP file is a false release, made using a hex editor of version 2.30. It is being kept for historical record. Sir Roadkill released a couple betas of v2.40, which had a number of security holes in the first beta.

Shivan Bastard writes "2.35r2 is the last I did. It had a number of cosmetic updates to 2.30 requested by MindCrime and others running art-oriented boards. It introduced new WFC screens, new menu options, maybe some new upload-checking functionality. Basically it was just something to get my head wrapped around the code. There wasn't anything really interesting about it. I was completely out of the BBS-scene during Sir Roadkill's efforts, so I can't comment on that." (768K) (832K) Oblivion/2 Distribution Version 2.30 (608K) Oblivion Version 2.40 (1997) DECLARED A FAKE, HEX-EDITED RELEASE. (448K) (316K) (264K) (640K) (8.0K)