IBM and Compatibles: DOS: OMEGA
Author: Rick Harris and DataEast Software
Versions: v1.04 (June 1, 1991) v1.01 (March 30, 1991) v1.00 (March 1, 1991)
Additional Notes:
DataEast Software is proud to announce the OmegaBBS software
package, the first BBS package with remote mouse capabilities!

OmegaBBS is a new product, not a rip-off or remake of an
existing program and has been written from scratch, top to
bottom, over 87000 lines of code for OMEGA.EXE alone!

OmegaBBS is written in C and great effort has been taken to
produce the tightest, most efficient code possible.

OmegaBBS is a unique BBS package that incorporates MANY new 
features not found in any BBS programs.  The following is 
a list of some of OmegaBBS's features.

OmegaBBS uses fast internal interrupt driven buffered serial
I/O, with support for high speed modems and locked baud rates.

OmegaBBS uses a fast internal ANSI video driver.

Unlimited number of full featured, password protectable
sub-boards / conferences.

200 message bases per sub-board or main board.

Unlimited number of file areas per sub-board.

3 levels of graphics output-

	ANSI with color
	ANSI without color
	ASCII (mono)

3 levels of prompts-

	Regular: full screens and prompts.
	Semi-Expert: available keys displayed with prompt.
	Expert: prompt only.

SysOp defined Menu Prompts and colors.

SysOp defined Menu Keys and custom Menu Screens.

SysOp defined paths for Menus, ANSI screens, Bulletins, and
Help screens.

SysOp defined colors for file listings, messages, and prompts.

HotKeys or regular key input.

SysOp defined Mouse Menus and custom ANSI screens.
	    *** Local & REMOTE Mouse Input! ***

Remote users can manipulate SysOp defined Mouse Menus using our
special ModemMouse driver. The mouse support adds a seamless
'point & shoot' capability to your BBS! Local mouse input uses a
regular mouse driver.

System access password protection.

Call-back verification of new user phone numbers if Verifier is

SysOp defined area codes and exchanges for use with Verifier.

Embedded control codes.  SysOp can place control codes in
ANSI/ASCII screens and OmegaBBS will replace the codes with the
information they represent. For example, ^FW would be replaced
with the current user's first name.

SysOp defined chat paging hours.

Split-screen chat. The SysOp and user can type at the same time!

SysOp 'on next' function.  If a user is online and the SysOp
wants on before next caller logs in, OmegaBBS will hold the phone
off hook when the current user logs off and audibly page the SysOp.

SysOp defined Maintenance Events that are executed at a
specified time. Events can be .bat files, stand alone executable
programs or Omega Script Language (OSL) scripts.

OmegaBBS is Desqview aware. See the Desqview Setup section on page
72 for information on running OmegaBBS under Desqview.

OmegaBBS is a new product, and to stimulate growth we are
offering OmegaBBS at the low introductory price of $75.00 U.S.
plus $4.50 shipping and handling. () OmegaBBS Version 1.04 [1/3] () OmegaBBS Version 1.04 [2/3] () OmegaBBS Version 1.04 [3/3]