IBM and Compatibles: DOS: PYROTO MOUNTAIN (R)
Author: Timothy Campbell
Author Contacted?: Yes! Timothy has it together!
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Fantasy role-playing games are all the rage, these days. Pyroto takes the concept one step further: a never-ending battle for domination of the magic-laden slopes of a mystic Mountain. The players are locked in a struggle to reach the Pyroto Pinnacle. Over the weeks and months, they rise higher by answering the skill-testing questions posed by the Mountain's extraordinary Guardians. As they climb, they gain the ability to cast new, more powerful spells. But first, they have to learn how to use them! One careless move can spell disaster!

Timothy Campbell ported his Pyroto Mountain program to an internet application, where he sold the rights to Pyroto, Inc. ( This group is not affiliated with Timothy Campbell and it should be considered a separate product. It has also been maintained by Pyroto, Inc. to the present day, is a commercial product, and has updates beyond the archived versions below. () Turbo Pascal v3.0 source code for Pyroto Mountain v3.0.
manual.txt () Pyroto BBS Shareware Version C2.03 (Documentation) () The Pyroto Mountain BBS and Gaming System Release C1.00 (Summer, 1988) () Pyroto BBS Shareware Version C2.03