IBM and Compatibles: DOS: QUICKBBS
Author: Adam Hudson (With Assistance by Phil Becker)
Additional Notes:
Jeff Harvey writes "When Adam Hudson wrote QuickBBS, he was only 14, and was hailed as one of the better systems at the time. Adam did a truly wonderful job considering his age and worked dilligently on the system until about the time he got interested in girls. :) I believe that QuickBBS is where the idea and general format for Wildcat! came from, which became strictly a commercial endeavor. QuickBBS originated a means of transferring data from the system to "doors" which for a long time became a standard that many other systems implemented." (220K) (864K) (864K) (1.2M) QuickBBS V2.90 Classic QuickBBS Version 2.90 Classic Version. Pre-Release #2 - Many enhancements. - Year2K (2000) Fixes - Qconfig Internal User Editor - New Qconfig Modem Interface - File Area Printing from Qconfig - Qconfig Text Editor (212K) (220K) QuickBBS Version 1.02 by Adam Hudson (January 6, 1988) (4.0K) (184K) (284K) (284K) (448K) (200K) (348K)
qbbs_mess.txt (152K) MESSAGES: Capture of messages from the QBBS Support Board (April 12, 1988) ( 12K) QuickBBS "Remote" User Editor - Version 1.00 by Joseph M. Albanese (1988) ( 56K) (208K) QuickBBS Version 2.04 (Maintenance Release) by Adam Hudson (June 30, 1989) (136K) (224K)