IBM and Compatibles: DOS: QUICKBBS
Author: Adam Hudson (With Assistance by Phil Becker)
Additional Notes:
Jeff Harvey writes "When Adam Hudson wrote QuickBBS, he was only 14, and was hailed as one of the better systems at the time. Adam did a truly wonderful job considering his age and worked dilligently on the system until about the time he got interested in girls. :) I believe that QuickBBS is where the idea and general format for Wildcat! came from, which became strictly a commercial endeavor. QuickBBS originated a means of transferring data from the system to "doors" which for a long time became a standard that many other systems implemented." ( 12K) QuickBBS "Remote" User Editor - Version 1.00 by Joseph M. Albanese (1988)
qbbs_mess.txt (150K) MESSAGES: Capture of messages from the QBBS Support Board (April 12, 1988) ( 54K) (1.2M) QuickBBS V2.90 Classic QuickBBS Version 2.90 Classic Version. Pre-Release #2 - Many enhancements. - Year2K (2000) Fixes - Qconfig Internal User Editor - New Qconfig Modem Interface - File Area Printing from Qconfig - Qconfig Text Editor (240K) (848K) (4.0K) (224K) QuickBBS Version 2.04 (Maintenance Release) by Adam Hudson (June 30, 1989) (304K) (240K) (416K) (182K) (136K) (240K) (240K) QuickBBS Version 1.02 by Adam Hudson (January 6, 1988) (304K) (848K) (224K) (368K)