IBM and Compatibles: DOS: REVELATION [Telegard]
Derived From: Telegard
Author: Gary Gann and Rick Hadsall (Some Assistance by Jeff Routledge and Mike Wood)
Additional Notes:
Rick Hadsall writes "Revelation was a DOS-based BBS originally based upon Telegard 2.5g source code, but most of it was scrapped and replaced over time."

"Versions up to v0.85 were progressing in one direction, with a focus on adding features similar to the Forum-hacks that were popular at the time (Celerity, Velocity, LSDBBS, Alacrity, etc etc). The author of Paragon contacted us, and his software, also a Telegard 2.5g based effort, had focused on rewriting the message system and other subsystems, as well as writing in multi-node support. We decided to merge together, and he soon dropped out of it, leaving us the integration of the code as well as all remaining tasks. We added several built-in games, new message bases, new menuing system, 100% fully configurable text files (like Major BBS had!), improved file systems, and more. We even had a teleconference program like Major BBS, but it was never released as it was lost in a source update (oops!)"

"The last ever officially released version was v0.96 beta 4, which you have on your site. The authors were Gary Gann and me (Rick Hadsall). Some bug fixing during version 0.95 was done by Jeff Routledge and Mike Wood, but no major enhancements. They were never authorized to release versions, either..'

"An OS/2 port in C++ was being worked on, but it was very early Alpha and never saw the light of day." () Revelation BBS v0.96-04 by G. Gann and R. Hadsall (June 2, 1995) () Revelation BBS v0.96b4 Source Code, by Gary Gann and Rick Hadsall (June 2, 1995) () Revelation BBS Systems Version [Revelation v0.92] (Possibly False/Unofficial)