IBM and Compatibles: DOS: TAG
Author: Paul Loeber and Robert Numerick (Later Victor Capton, Randy Goebel, and Paul Williams) (Assistance by Martin Pollard)
Additional Notes:
Victor Capton writes "I'd like to contribute what little I can to the project. I'm one of the authors who developed the TAG BBS software. Authors over the years: Victor Capton, Randy Goebel, Alan Jurison, Paul Loeber, Robert Numerick and Paul Williams. All live in the Detroit (MI) area except Alan Jurison who is in Syracuse (NY). Release period: 1986 through 2000. Platform: PC MSDOS based application which can run in DOS/Windows. Written in Borland Pascal. Availability: Free for business or personal use (we considered it fun to give the program away while others tried charge for them) Peak number of running systems: Just over 1000, mostly in the US and Canada.

"Areas of major TAG BBS concentration: Michigan: Detroit (where it started), Lansing, Flint and Battle Creek. California: Oakland. Connecticut: Hartford. Florida: Jacksonville and Cocoa. Maryland: Baltimore. New Jersey: Newark. New York: Syracuse. North Carolina: Raleigh. Ontario Canada: Windsor and Hamilton. Pennsylvania: Pittsburgh. Texas: Houston, Beaumont and Fort Worth. Virginia: Norfolk.

"We all poured countless hours into the development and support of people running BBSs. Even today I don't think the internet has come close to the sense of community and simple accomplishment that BBSing provided. Building and running a complete environment on your local computer and WATCHING people use it is a far different experience than putting up a web page on some remote server. We all made and still have a great many friends from being SysOps and BBS developers."

Ken Sallot writes "TAG is often mistakenly attributed as a hack of Forum Software." ( 30K) Complete Borland Pascal 7.0 and "C" equivalent record structure package for T.A.G. (used for writing utilities). ( 10K) T.A.G. Version 2.6b Release (May 19, 1992) ( 26K) Nodelist index compiler package (for FidoNet nodelist compatible networks). (416K) Main program package for the T.A.G. Bulletin Board System Version 2.7 (includes update documentation for version 2.7). ( 16K) T.A.G. Version 2.6f Conversion Release (September 1, 1993) (132K) Documentation package for T.A.G. Includes main reference documentation, menu documentation and update documentation. (576K) Dictionary package for the message system spell checker (/SPELL in message editor). (368K) T.A.G. BBS Version 2.6f - MCONFIG Program (336K) T.A.G. Bulletin Board System Y2K maintenance release ( 84K) T.A.G. (Multinode) Version 2.6c Utility Program (1993) ( 34K) T.A.G. Version 2.6e Release (April 27, 1993) ( 78K) TAG BBS Version 2.7 Startup Package (368K) T.A.G. Bulletin Board System maintenance release upgrade from Version 2.7 or later to Version 2.7d.