IBM and Compatibles: DOS: TAG
Author: Paul Loeber and Robert Numerick (Later Victor Capton, Randy Goebel, and Paul Williams) (Assistance by Martin Pollard)
Additional Notes:
Victor Capton writes "I'd like to contribute what little I can to the project. I'm one of the authors who developed the TAG BBS software. Authors over the years: Victor Capton, Randy Goebel, Alan Jurison, Paul Loeber, Robert Numerick and Paul Williams. All live in the Detroit (MI) area except Alan Jurison who is in Syracuse (NY). Release period: 1986 through 2000. Platform: PC MSDOS based application which can run in DOS/Windows. Written in Borland Pascal. Availability: Free for business or personal use (we considered it fun to give the program away while others tried charge for them) Peak number of running systems: Just over 1000, mostly in the US and Canada.

"Areas of major TAG BBS concentration: Michigan: Detroit (where it started), Lansing, Flint and Battle Creek. California: Oakland. Connecticut: Hartford. Florida: Jacksonville and Cocoa. Maryland: Baltimore. New Jersey: Newark. New York: Syracuse. North Carolina: Raleigh. Ontario Canada: Windsor and Hamilton. Pennsylvania: Pittsburgh. Texas: Houston, Beaumont and Fort Worth. Virginia: Norfolk.

"We all poured countless hours into the development and support of people running BBSs. Even today I don't think the internet has come close to the sense of community and simple accomplishment that BBSing provided. Building and running a complete environment on your local computer and WATCHING people use it is a far different experience than putting up a web page on some remote server. We all made and still have a great many friends from being SysOps and BBS developers."

Ken Sallot writes "TAG is often mistakenly attributed as a hack of Forum Software." () T.A.G. Bulletin Board System Y2K maintenance release () Dictionary package for the message system spell checker (/SPELL in message editor). () Main program package for the T.A.G. Bulletin Board System Version 2.7 (includes update documentation for version 2.7). () T.A.G. (Multinode) Version 2.6c Utility Program (1993) () T.A.G. Bulletin Board System maintenance release upgrade from Version 2.7 or later to Version 2.7d. () T.A.G. Version 2.6f Conversion Release (September 1, 1993) () T.A.G. Version 2.6b Release (May 19, 1992) () TAG BBS Version 2.7 Startup Package () T.A.G. BBS Version 2.6f - MCONFIG Program () Complete Borland Pascal 7.0 and "C" equivalent record structure package for T.A.G. (used for writing utilities). () T.A.G. Version 2.6e Release (April 27, 1993) () Documentation package for T.A.G. Includes main reference documentation, menu documentation and update documentation. () Nodelist index compiler package (for FidoNet nodelist compatible networks).