IBM and Compatibles: DOS: TURBOARD
Author: Shawn Rhoads of Software @ Work
First Created: May 28, 1992
Software Website:
Additional Notes:
Warren Zatwarniski writes "I couldn't help but also wonder about Roboboard, so I checked that information out. I hate to kick a dead horse but, at one time I use to get a good deal of pleasure poking the Roboboard sysops with the fact that Roboboard was not the first graphics BBS, Turboard was. Shawn was selling it at (I believe) "One BBS con" in 1992." () TurBoard v0.40 from Software @ Work () TurBoard upgrade. () Turboard Version 0.40 (May 28, 1992) [1/2] () TurBoard Version 0.40 - Disk [2/2] Includes TurModem Client Software () TurBoard Version 1.20 - July 2, 1993 () TurBoard v0.40