IBM and Compatibles: DOS: TURBOBBS
Author: Robert H. Maxwell
Versions: Version 1.05 (1985)
Additional Notes:
Robert Maxwell writes "The software was my first significant project in Borland's Turbo Pascal; when I received my copy of TP Version 2.0, I thought "This would be great to write a BBS in!". It was written from the start to be able to run on either CP/M or MS-DOS, since Borland had Turbo Pascal releases for both. I knew a few BBS Sysops in my area, and heard about their problems with crashes and security, so I built the modem support into the software: that way, if anyone crashed my BBS, they would be left with no response from the other end, instead of a command prompt. I saw a few attempts to break in, but I was the only one that ever crashed my own system, and it ran happily for weeks at a time unattended.

"Once the BBS was running, I announced its existence on Borland's SIG (Special Interest Group) on Compuserve, and I got a response from Bela Lubkin, one of the Borland Sysops there that they had implied to a writer for Compuserve's monthly magazine that they had a BBS on file for download and they didn't. Could I post mine? So, after a bit of tidying up, the version 1.0 Pascal source became a public release in 1985."

"I ported the BBS from my Kaypro to a used Osborne-1 because I wanted my bigger display back. The remote callers weren't bothered by the O-1 having a tiny 5" screen. A music writer in Vancouver also set up a BBS on his Compaq Portable with the MS-DOS version I ported. I also knew of several other systems - they're listed in the BBSLIST.TXT file in the Version 1.05 distribution package."

"When I was transferred from Vancouver to the Toronto area in late 1986, the TurboBBS project died, sort of. I received a check from Australia and it was also ported to Nokia's MicroMikko II computer in Finland - I received shareware contributions from the Finns, who had promised them if they sold any copies, months after my BBS has gone down. Evidently, they sold three."

"I ported a version to the TI Professional PC (MS-DOS, but with a non-standard serial interface) for a Michigan user group. There was a period when I could do a search on the Web and find a number of TurboBBS hits out of Russia - I suspect that the Finnish version had hopped across the border. Bless them, they kept crediting me. As you already have on-site, the software took on a life of its own in the US, and I was even contacted by one of the people working on a version, asking some questions."

"I still have my Kaypro, and it still has its hard drive, and TurboBBS is still there, just waiting to start up again." () TBBS 8.5, based on Bob's BBS 3.11 which was based on Turbo BBS 1.05 () SysOp 0 Turbo Bulletin Board System, Distribution Version 1.00, by Robert H. Maxwell, 1985. Turbo Pascal Source Code. () SysOp 0 Turbo BBS version 1.2, 24 Nov 88. This version by L.B. Neal, which is a modification of the program by Donal W. Mack and additionally modified by Robert H. Maxwell and Bob Breedlove. This program includes the compiled and Turbo Pascal 3.0 source code.
bbs105.txt () Documentation for Turbo BBS Version 1.05 (1985) () Turbo BBS Version 1.05 by Robert Maxwell (1985)