IBM and Compatibles: DOS: ULTRABBS
Author: Bob Farmer
Author Contacted?: Bob Farmer has written in.
First Created: November 22, 1990
Additional Notes:
Bob Farmer writes, "UltraBBS was basically intended as a PCBoard replacement; it felt very similar, but had a lot more builtin features, carried a lot less baggage, and was considerably less expensive. It was written in C. The version for which you have the files, 2.08, was the last version I released... I sold the rights to the software & code to John Chwatal around the beginning of '92 and I believe he released some additional versions, then he eventually sold it again to Craig Baker, who most likely released some versions of his own. I don't have any further details about that period."

Tom Ryan writes "UltraBBS was taken over by Craig Baker from Colorado who really tried to make something of it, but was (IMHO) not as skilled as the kid Bob Farmer; changing versions had no method of converting filebases properly; a friend of mine threw together a utility to scan the filebase, then scan the drives looking for each and every file. At that time I had around 23,000 files and if I had to write in the descriptions for each I would have quit right then and there." () UltraBBS 2.08; Executables, Docs and Help (August, 1991) () Ultra BBS Version 1.11 by Bob Farmer (1990) () UltraBBS 2.08; Non-Overlaid Version (August, 1991)
ubbs111.txt () Ultra BBS Version 1.11 Documentation () Ultra BBS Version 1.11 by Bob Farmer (1990) () UltraBBS 2.08; Executables and Main Files (August, 1991)