IBM and Compatibles: DOS: USSR (Underground Software Systems Revolt)
Author: King Cobra
Additional Notes:
Captain Caveman writes "I knew the programmer who wrote this software. USSR (Underground Software Systems Revolt) was written in 1986-88 (between then). It was based off the forum source code although much of it in the end was pretty well rewritten. It was the first BBS software to implement File, Byte, And Message Post/Call Ratios. I'm also pretty sure that it was the first bbs package to support 9600 (or 14400) baud. The BBS software was basically used in the piracy scene.. and was only given to sysops who were part of a game releasing group called $print. The bbs package would only work on systems that matched the correct hard drive serial #. If it didn't match, it ended.. so it was never really publicly available."

Ken Sallot writes "USSR - The author of USSR gave the BBS out to a few people that were not in $print, but there were never more than 7 boards that ran the software. The two things that made USSR unique were that it was the first forum hack to support 38400 port locking and it was very fast and aesthetically appealing from a users perspective. There used to be a great BBS in Buffalo that ran it for years (The Wall). The thing about the HD Identification is BS (I had a copy which ran fine on multiple different systems), but each version had a unique identifier ("serial number"), and all of the USSR sysops believed there was a back door which could format your hard drive."