IBM and Compatibles: DOS: VBBS (VIRTUAL BBS)
Author: Roland De Graaf
First Created: 1990
Additional Notes:
I was just looking at the BBS Documentary website, and didn't see mention of VBBS for DOS. Written by Roland De Graaf. It was based on WWIV, but written in QuickBasic, making it nice for novice programmers. I ran a VBBS BBS in Charlotte, NC for about 8 years before switching over to Linux and writing my own. Just wanted to make sure that my old friend VBBS was represented. - Steve -- Stephen Gilbert Production Systems Manager The Charlotte Observer () Virtual BBS Version 6.1 Part 2 (June 2, 1993) () Virtual BBS/NET Version 5.52 () VBBS v6.1 [1/2] MultiNode and MultiNetwork BBS
hognet.txt () Some memories and phone numbers from VBBS and Heart of Goldnet, by Bruce Grembowski (2005) () VBBS 6.14 MULTINODE/MULTINETWORK BBS () VBBS v6.1 [2/2] MultiNode and MultiNetwork BBS () Virtual BBS Version 6.1 Part 1 (June 2, 1993) () Virtual BBS v7.0 Source Code (QuickBASIC 4.5) () VBBS 6.14 MULTINODE/MULTINETWORK BBS () The Virtual BBS/NET Version 4.01 by Roland De Graaf (1991) () Virtual BBS v5.52 Source Code (QuickBASIC 4.5)