IBM and Compatibles: DOS: VOID
Author: Irrational
Additional Notes:
The documentation says " The Void Bulletin Board System package was programmed as a hobby of mine (Irrational). It is a well programmed package written and compiled using the Turbo Pascal v7.0 compiler by Borland International. Since it had began, it has grown significantly. Hopefully, when this software is released in a standard version, people will create third party software to support the Void BBS package. This package is very stable, and can only be configured by external utilities. This makes it almost impossible for a hacker to modify your data files, unless you have a menu command to execute the utility. Even through this way, you will still need to enter your SysOp password to get access to the functions."

The BBS was created in 1998, very likely for an experiment than for a serious release.

void_1a.txt () Documentation for Void BBS v0.1a () Void BBS v0.1a