Author: Jason Fesler (Later Versions by European Cybernetics/Tom Ordelman)
Author Contacted?: E-mail discussion with Jason Fesler.
Versions: 1.0 (October 30, 1992)
Additional Notes:
Regardless of the name this is a DOS BBS Package. The shareware price was "Noncommercial: $45.00 per 5 nodes ($35 before 10/31/92)". Jason Fesler had his resume up on the internet, and he described his work on this package this way: "WME", a full-screen TTY driven menued environment for accessing file and message based services. 400+ registered sites around the world used this package before it had to be decommissioned in 1994 due to higher priorities. (June 1991 to October 1994) .... Also, WME appears to have had speech support for visually impaired operators, a very forward thinking concept. In April of 1994, WME development was taken over by European Cybernetics (Programmer Tom Ordelman of the Netherlands), although a full version of this new branch does not seem to have made it into the real world beyond a beta. At this end point, the price had risen to $89 for 5 nodes. Jason Fesler writes: "It was fun while it lasted, it just wasn't enough to sustain a family. When my daughter was born, I had to get a real job :( . That was 10 years ago and 4 jobs ago. Now I'm at Yahoo!, able to support my family. Not nearly as fun as WME and GIGO were tho.." () Windowed Modem Environment Version 1.0 (Public Release) () Windowed Modem Environment Registered Users Beta (May 19, 1994) () Windowed Modem Environment Version 1.0 (Public Release)