IBM and Compatibles: DOS: XRBBS
Author: Linus Sphinx and Rahner James
Additional Notes:
Linus Crawford writes in: "XRBBS written in C by Linus Sphinx & Rahner James, published as freeware circa 1986, full featured multi-line capable, a dozen custom door games, "fleabag", message hotel. A WYSIWYG menu editor that would let you emulate t/rbbs, pcboard, opus and a dozen other sites look and feel. There was even a commercial version included in an accounting package as the, "Remote Data Collector", extension. The authors are still alive and programming in Sacramento, CA."

"Most famous installation was probably, "The Wall", I still have some of the ascii ads for it, the little dog peeing, "owwwooo, somewhere in the night a lonely hard drive cries out", I'll dig them out and send them along. I believe that is what really made those days, the art you'd graffiti other bbs's with to spread yours."