IBM and Compatibles: OS2: ACROBAT/2
Author: V.R.B. Corporation (Bart Van Rillaer/Bono)
Additional Notes:
From the documentation: "I will never have the intention to write something as powerfull as Maximus or Pcboard or whatever... My only intention is a small host for OS/2 32bit which does the work! Easy to maintain, easy to install (unzip it and run) It isn't very customizable, but it has everything a small operator needs and it looks nice too. I use this for my own board too :)) (What did you thought) I will keep enhance it in my own capabilities... If I would want to make this as powerfull as Max/pcb.. I have to do a complete re-write of it. The big- gest problem is that I am the only one who is working on it, and I can tell you, creating a bbs is a very time consuming job (it isn't difficult but it's mental very tough)." () AcroBat/2 BBS Version 1.51 (Release Version) from V.R.B. Corp, Includes Source Code (July, 1996) () Acrobat/2 BBS 1.53 beta1 (March, 1997)