IBM and Compatibles: OS2: ADEPTXBBS
Additional Notes:
AdeptXBBS is a rewrite of XBBS by Mark Kimes, ported to the OS/2 operating system. The work was done by Adept Software, who ported over the functionality and added some OS/2-related features. It was intended to be a commercial product.

In April of 1996, the license with the original author was due to expire, and the Adept Software developers decided they couldn't afford to extend the license, instead chosing to release AdeptXBBS as a freeware package.

Another author, named "Taz!", took some amount of claim over the released package and intended/intends to release updated versions of the software.

The ID file for 1.11y says " 32-bit, Multi-Threaded GUI, NNTP, SMTP, POP3, Telnet, Sockets, FTP, Integrated Mailer, REXX, Utils, multiple language, XMsg, *.Msg, Squish and JAM msg bases, localized date/time display and a lot more! Very customizable for almost any BBSing needs. GUI (PM) BBS for OS/2. FREEWare/2, 24 Node Version."

announce.txt () Announcement of the Freeware Release of AdeptXBBS (April 20, 1996) () AdeptXBBS Version 1.11y Full Install